3 ways to remind accountholders why they chose you in the first place

posted by Patrick Dix on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 in SHAZAM Blog

Anytime news of a bad actor in business lands in the headlines it’s an opportunity for dozens — if not hundreds — of conversations at community financial institutions across the country, bemoaning the bad behaviors and championing the many ways your institution is different.

But if that conversation goes no further than the proverbial water cooler, it’s a wasted opportunity. You don’t have to reinvent your marketing message, make up special ads or lease billboards. News like this is an opportunity to remember that marketing your bank is an everyday discipline.

Here are three things you can do to take advantage of the conversations already happening:

Focus on your fundamentals

It’s a good time to remind your team that you have a mission statement and core values that guide your institution. Take these guiding principles with you when you interact outside your building. If you’re sponsoring the county fair, local music festival or back-to-school celebration, be sure to emphasize the things that make you a community institution. (A note here: You never have to mention the other guys. The idea is to focus on your unique qualities. Criticizing someone else’s business, no matter how bad, can backfire.)

Get social

If you’re not already, you should be using social media to interact with your accountholders and your community. These messages are about your institution, your commitment to your community, and your loyalty to your accountholders. Share pictures of a young couple who just bought their first home and got their mortgage from you. Celebrate a local, longtime business owner who has continued to grow his business with your help. Send well wishes to the student headed to her college of choice because of the financial help you gave her. These messages aren’t about your products and services — they’re emphasizing the relationships and roots you have in your community.

Don’t force it

You can assume the vast majority of people are aware of current headlines. You don’t need to hit people over the head with a special communication or an ad campaign designed to take potshots at others. You ARE a community institution, and you DO have great relationships and unmatched service. You don’t have to act like it — you just have to be the COMMUNITY PARTNER you’ve always been.

Community institutions have a built-in advantage: You know your community. You support your community’s businesses and citizens. You’re involved. Emphasizing these inherent differences reminds your accountholders why they chose you in the first place. And it may just convince a few people across the street that your institution is a pretty good alternative.


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