Crisis communication is important. And, possibly urgent. Ready or not, what's your communication plan?

posted by Patrick Dix on Monday, May 18, 2020 in SHAZAM Blog

I think we can all agree the last few months have been some of the most challenging in banking history, with more uncertainty on the horizon. Whether they were ready or not, banks and credit unions are in the spotlight more than ever. While banking leaders scramble to find creative and safe ways to service customer relationships, there’s also the matter of administering the Small Business Association Paycheck Protection Program, and of course, attending to all the other things that have to be done in any given day. What time is left to even think about outbound communication?

Last week, Greg McCurry from Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota interviewed SHAZAM’s Patrick Dix, vice president of strategic alliances, on communications and what you should be doing now. In 12 minutes, Patrick covers:

  • Employee and accountholder communications
  • Social media
  • Telling your story NOW

Your reputation has taken your organization years, even decades, to build. In these unprecedented times, the way you communicate with your customers, the community and the media can be an insurance policy to help maintain that reputation and reinforce the trust the community already has in you.


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