Debit card disputes are complicated. Allow a SHAZAM Reg E expert to uncomplicate the specifics for you.

posted by Diana Kern, AAP on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 in SHAZAM Blog

Regulation E is a straightforward concept, yet the language can be complicated. And applying the regulation to each dispute situation is often not a black-or-white matter — many details fall in a gray area. SHAZAM recently teamed up with Payments Professor Kevin Olsen to discuss the specifics in a podcast.

Under Reg E, financial institutions are obligated to investigate consumer dispute claims regarding unauthorized debit card EFTs within 60 days of transmission of the consumer’s account statement. But even the definition of ‘unauthorized’ can quickly bleed into a gray area.

SHAZAM senior client learning consultant Diana Kern joined Payments Professor Kevin Olsen’s podcast to discuss, in layman’s terms, how to comply with Reg E while simultaneously trying to protect your financial institution’s interests. The podcast conversation is fun, yet very insightful, and part one in a two-part Reg E series. Have a listen and stay tuned for part two.

Should you have any questions, contact Diana. Feel free to share this uncomplicated information with others.

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