Local security considerations during the global pandemic

posted by Mike Burke on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 in SHAZAM Blog

SHAZAM is monitoring the challenges our community financial institutions are facing with COVID-19 and the challenges involved in returning to more normal operations. Given the widespread use of masks and gloves in public (whether optional or required), many institutions around the country are justifiably concerned about ensuring the safety of their staff and customers. 

Mike Burke, SHAZAM’s crisis management and robbery consultant, offers considerations for your institution as you weigh the risks and benefits of re-opening. The good news is most are likely already in your safety and security protocols. 

Topics covered:
•    Opening your lobbies  
•    Masks are the new normal
•    ATM safety 
•    The felony lane gang

These are topics meant to spur discussion and awareness in your organization. Your team should view these unusual times as an opportunity to reinforce best practices and to discuss your institution’s unique security concerns. We encourage you to seek the guidance of your state and national association partners on these matters. As always, you should monitor any changes to local, state or federal declarations that would alter your approach. After reading the security considerations article, let your SHAZAM regional director know if we can help. Stay safe.


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