ACH Solutions

The ability to batch transfer funds efficiently and cost-effectively is an essential element in your institution’s cash management program. SHAZAM offers our own Automated Clearing House (ACH) solution, along with additional ACH services. 

Better value and Service With SHAZAM ACH

SHAZAM’s ACH allows you to process a wide range of transactions such as direct deposits, government benefits, direct payments, business-to-business payments, e-checks, tax payments, child-support payments and more.

Benefits for your institution

  • Reduce deposits and payments processing time
  • Acquire new corporate accounts
  • Monitor your transactions for risk
  • Stay compliant with Nacha
  • Lower your costs compared to other providers

Benefits for your corporate clients

  • Reduce administrative and operating expenses
  • Improve cash management forecasting abilities
  • Save resource time

Benefits for your personal clients

  • Deliver consistent, convenient availability of funds
  • Reduce the likelihood of charges for late payments
  • Eliminate the expense of checks and wire transfers

Security you can count on

SHAZAM ACH transactions are secured through a variety of means, including multi-factor authentication, passwords, encrypted databases, daily dollar amount limits, dual-control capability, automatic logo and extensive user setup options. You can rely on us for efficient and secure ACH processing.

Additional ACH Services

SHAZAM also offers the following ACH services for our financial institutions.

ACH Receive

This service simplifies the receipt of daily ACH files from the Federal Reserve. Regardless of your organization’s size, SHAZAM will deliver these files quickly and provide you with an inexpensive alternative to FedLine or processing incoming ACH through a correspondent institution.