When it’s time to meet the expectations of your policyholder, it’s time to move money fast. SHAZAM can help you push disbursements directly to your policyholders, allowing them instant access to their money. Our payments solution will help you shorten the payment process and save you valuable time.

Leverage our faster payments capabilities

We’ll help you make your process more efficient and reduce the need for printing and mailing checks. Moving money on ACH can take days for settlement which means your customers need to wait until they can actually use their funds. When you leverage our faster payments capabilities, we can push out those disbursements much faster and easier.

SHAZAM has built highly-effective portals into the U.S. payments systems that our clients can plug into, allowing corporate entities to reach nearly every direct deposit account in the U.S. Our faster payments solution offers instant reconciliation and availability of funds. This solution is ideal for business-to-consumer insurance payments. But still, 69% of insurance organizations are not utilizing faster payment solutions. This leaves consumers frustrated and seeking new providers that can meet their needs. 

Benefits to your insurance firm

  • Meet market demand: Stay relevant and competitive while meeting the demand for faster and better payment methods.
  • Instant payments: Funds are immediately sent from you to your policyholder increasing their satisfaction.
  • Universal distribution: Extremely wide reach to nearly every policyholder’s accounts through our extensive network connections.
  • Guaranteed delivery: Unlike ACH transactions or paper checks, our solution is considered guaranteed upon receipt.