Membership Gives You A Voice In Our Future

Becoming a member of SHAZAM, Inc. gives your organization elite status, with a true voice in the future of the network.

Your financial institution is eligible for membership in SHAZAM, Inc. if it participates in one or more SHAZAM programs. These include core bank processing, debit payment processing, ATM driving services and / or SHAZAM Network merchant acquiring program services.

Benefits for you

As a member you'll:

  • Help determine our future
  • Be a voice for community financial institutions
  • Vote on all eligible issues that come before the full membership body, such as:
    • Changes to the organizational structure
    • Our board of directors
    • Other items as detailed in the bylaws of SHAZAM, Inc.

SHAZAM is one of the only member-owned debit processing and core services providers in the United States. Membership brings the privilege of voting and having a voice. This privilege means being part of the progress and prosperity of community financial institutions.