Your Success Is Our Top Priority

Our culture is rooted in a cooperative business model that focuses on your success and not shareholder profits. Leaders from our participating community financial institutions make up our board of directors, so every decision is made for the benefit of your business.

As a nonprofit corporation, SHAZAM’s primary interest is helping you succeed. We reinvest in your success through meaningful pricing reductions and new products and services that allow you to compete.

Together We Have A Powerful Voice That Leads Change

Many organizations recognize our commitment to community financial institutions by endorsing our products and services to their members.

When you choose to be part of SHAZAM, you’re an important ally in our efforts to exert a positive influence on the future of community financial institutions.


We value our partnership with you.

SHAZAM shares the same values as community financial institutions. Like you, we believe people are important, relationships matter, great service should be a way of life and trust is everything.

Stop on over and get to know the Leadership team. We’re glad you’re here.