To compete in today's crowded market of financial institutions must have a technology partner you can count on. The strength of SHAZAM continues to be that we are driven to help our customers succeed. We hire banking industry experts who understand the impact of excellent service and ease of use. We listen to our customers and adapt our products to not only meet their needs but also to help drive their business forward. SHAZAM is owned by our clients who can apply to become members.

Conversion and Integration Services

The Core Services team delivers a smooth conversion experience. From the initial meeting until the completion, we’ll be right there with you, ensuring you experience the success that comes with greater choice, flexibility, affordability and integrity. We partner with you and provide continual communication and dedicated support throughout a conversion.

A Smooth Transition With Conversion Services

We provide full conversion services with seasoned professionals, personalized training, marketing services and ongoing professional support. You’ll be assigned a dedicated conversion manager and team that will be at your side each step of the way. You’ll receive comprehensive mapping and ongoing training highlighting efficiencies, updates and best practices.

We’ll also help ensure all ancillary solutions and applications are in place. To facilitate a smooth and easy conversion, you’ll have access to SHAZAM marketing experts who can work with you to design and execute a multichannel marketing and communications campaign to keep your accountholders and staff informed.

Choice And Flexibility

Thanks to our open web-based API, SHAZAM’s Core integrates with an expanding portfolio of third-party vendors.

Change Your Core Experience® and contact a SHAZAM Core Specialist today to learn more.