Take your document management and file storage to the next level by simplifying the process. DocuCommand allows you to access the information you need by consolidating all kinds of data (ex. core data fields from imports and documents from all departments) into one system.


  • Filing structure customized to customer's current structure.
  • Unlimited number of folder/sub-folders and index values.
  • Create custom reports and automatically email them to end users.

Upload and Maintain - Easy access to your files:

  • Store multiple file types including Microsoft Office Documents, PDFs, Audio, Video and Pictures.
  • Drag/drop of Microsoft Office documents from another drive location.
  • Drag/drop emails and attachments.
  • Distribute/Branch scanning while centralizing control for indexing and classifying.
  • FDIC export of exam accounts with auto retrieval of documents.
  • Launch Microsoft Office documents from within DocuCommand.
  • Launch any third-party application from within DocuCommand.
  • Automatically archive documents based upon customer defined dates or specific criteria.
  • Automatically read and index documents based on bar-codes.

Editing - Collaborate with ease:

  • Allows insertion of annotations to documents such as sticky notes, highlights, redaction, etc.
  • Apply digital signatures to documents such as approved invoices or travel requests.
  • Insert images within a scanned document.

Tracking - Enhance your workflow:

  • Exception tracking.
  • Tracking the required documents by loan or deposit type.

Storage Space - Save valuable space!

  • By utilizing the DocuCommand document management system, reclaim your expensive real estate and put it to more productive and efficient use.

Disaster Recovery – Protect your documents in case of a disaster.

  • All of your records and critical information will be stored in a digital format and backed up to a secondary live server or to removable media you can store off-site.

Confidentiality – Keeps your documents secure.

  • Protect and secure your critical information, with tracking capabilities to know who looked at what and when.


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