ATM Support

With access to your daily transaction information as well as customized ATM marketing campaigns, SHAZAM provides the information you need and the customization you want.

Remotely Access Your Transactions With ATM Data Exchange

ATM Data Exchange provides remote access to your electronic journal files across your ATM network. This service will upload the e-journals from your ATMs daily and provide them to you on SHAZAM Access, our secure partner portal. This service is available for NCR, Diebold-Nixdorf and Hyosung ATMs.

Benefits for you

  • Gain access to your transaction data, device faults and supervisor activity
  • Troubleshoot and resolve balancing issues and cardholder disputes
  • Optimize your electronic journal file management
  • Reduce ATM network management costs and increase accuracy

Cash Monitoring

Optimize your ATM usage with cash monitoring, a simple solution to aid cash flow problems. SHAZAM’s cash monitoring is an optional feature for supported ATMs that will allow you to view near real-time cash amounts in your ATM canisters.

Want to maximize the power of your ATMs with customized marketing?

With ATM Data Exchange, you can also display custom marketing screens on your NCR ATMs. Maximize the power of your ATMs while you have 100% undivided attention from your audience. ATM marketing is the perfect opportunity to build your brand, promote your products and services and create a memorable experience for your ATM users.

SHAZAM Marketing Services can help create custom, cost-effective marketing campaigns for your ATMs with NCR’s® APTRATM Edge software. Visit our SHAZAM Marketing Services page to learn more about all of our marketing services.

Drive Traffic To Your ATMs With Easy-To-Read Signage

When you choose SHAZAM for your ATM services, we’ll work with you to ensure you have the right signage and supplies to maximize your terminal traffic. All of our participating financial institutions are encouraged to display the SHAZAM name and logo so you can leverage the SHAZAM brand and reputation as an industry leader.