Flexible, end-to-end platform.

SHAZAM® Core™ offers a single, holistic, scalable solution for data processing with standard modules all Included, saving you time and money.

We’ll work as your partner, to provide you a higher level of flexibility so you can select the applications you want to use. You’re not required to use prescribed ancillary systems or partners and we don’t have exclusivity clauses. And real-time API integrations provide you a higher level of flexibility - implement applications like digital banking and card management while seamlessly leveraging core data.

Built into SHAZAM Core

SHAZAM Core features a complete suite of Microsoft® Windows®-based interactive retail automation software, including Teller Capture, Branch Capture, Merchant Capture, Statements, COLD Storage, New Account and Loan platforms. By creating unique product templates, you can reduce data input, ensure accuracy and maintain compliance.

All our platform solutions are fully integrated with SHAZAM Core and the Wolters Kluwer® form sets, allowing seamless transactional and account opening with single-entry.


Make opening deposit accounts easy with AccountLaunch®. Housed within SHAZAM Core, AccountLaunch includes all the necessary documents and disclosures required for account opening. Users experience seamless document preparation and can streamline account opening by either scanning a driver’s license or leveraging existing account data to generate and package the required documents.

Use custom logic based on compliance rules for factors such as transaction type, state and federal mandates as well as institutional policies. Additionally, the built-in workflow allows the user to easily add new customers and accounts using configurable parameters and default values while also populating SHAZAM Core. And because you are tied directly into SHAZAM Core, account updates are seamless, and are immediately applied to existing accounts.

Banks can also choose to allow their customers to take the first step by accessing deposit applications directly from your website, including support of e-sign and wet signatures.

Gain Valuable Insights With Analytics

SHAZAM Insight

This powerful custom report writer has access to virtually every field within SHAZAM Core, including many reports already built into the system. You’ll have access to all your information at your fingertips.

Executive Dashboard

This tool features pre-determined reports you can share with key stakeholders and board members on information that’s relevant, accurate and actionable.

Check 21 Item Processing

SHAZAM Core fully supports and integrates Check 21 Item Processing into the back office operations. Our solution supports:

  • Branch Capture
  • Teller Capture
  • Merchant Capture
  • Centralized Operations

Check 21 Item Processing allows a myriad of statement printing options such as full statement printing, truncated statements, e-statements and CD creation.

LookOut Compliance Tool

At SHAZAM, we understand compliance and risk management are a top priority for your financial institution. We provide support to help manage your compliance efforts, assist in vendor management requirements, and facilitate regulatory reviews.

LookOut® is a robust compliance solution designed with you in mind. Real-time processing and analysis of all transaction activities ensures you have control over your compliance efforts.

A compliance program needs to be compatible with the risk and compliance policies of your business including:

  • Red Flag
  • Risk Codes
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Bank Security Act (BSA)
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act)

Reports And Documents

SHAZAM Core offers full-featured document imaging and COLD storage solutions that allow you to gather, organize, secure, access and distribute information. Improve the quality and accuracy of your business decisions, improve productivity, eliminate paper and streamline process efficiency.


DocuCommand™ is an enterprise wide, robust document scanning, archiving, retrieval and management software that puts your information at your fingertips. DocuCommand improves overall document management capabilities with significant operational cost savings and integrates seamlessly with SHAZAM Core.

Rewards Checking

Built directly into SHAZAM Core, this program eliminates the need for a third-party vendor. Rewards Checking is controlled at the deposit product level with expansive options, so you can customize the product to meet competitive market demands.

SHAZAM Core User Group

This independently controlled user group gives our clients direct influence on our product roadmap. Your voice feeds product innovation and directs the priorities of our technology resources. We genuinely care about the user experience and providing the best product possible.

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