OmniWire and SHAZAM Unite to Bring Lightning-Fast Innovation to the Market

posted on Monday, November 13, 2023 in Company News

OmniWire is thrilled to announce its new partnership with SHAZAM, the premier member-owned debit network, processor, and core provider.

Today, more than ever, individuals want to manage their on-the-go, daily financial lives with a fully digitalized banking experience. This has stimulated financial institutions and businesses to seek quick, secure solutions to satisfy their customers. 

Recognizing this need, OmniWire and SHAZAM have joined forces to empower companies with the capability to issue debit cards and enter the payments landscape in a matter of days, not weeks. Together with SHAZAM and their direct relationship with their banking partners, OmniWire can provide secure cloud-based processing, core banking, and now, card solutions with seamless integration and accelerated go-to-market strategies. 

“Through our partnership with SHAZAM we are completely reshaping the digital banking & payments landscape,” commented OmniWire CEO Serge Beck.

“SHAZAM continues to embrace an explosion of financial technology,” said Terry Dooley, EVP & COO of SHAZAM. “Our debit card issuance solution, together with the OmniWire partnership, connects digital-first initiatives with traditional banks and credit unions. Partnerships like these extend the reach of financial institutions to accommodate the shift in consumer demand.” 

This partnership comes as OmniWire embarks on a capital raise to further enhance its innovative and secure cloud-based core banking and processing solutions for financial institutions, fintechs, and other enterprises. 

OmniWire’s proprietary and secure, cloud-based technology, coupled with SHAZAM’s vast infrastructure, revolutionizes the payment landscape for businesses looking to digitally transform their customer base. 

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About OmniWire:
OmniWire is a new generation banking-as-a-service provider that is disrupting the market with our proprietary and innovative core banking and processing for embedded finance solutions, which provide our clients with seamless integration and accelerated go-to-market strategies. 

SHAZAM pioneered the PIN-debit point-of-sale transaction, which is still used worldwide today. We are the only nationwide independent, member-owned debit network, processor, and core provider supporting a wide variety of financial and technology organizations. Since we do not answer to shareholders, we can reinvest profits to serve the next generation of consumers. SHAZAM ensures our clients have the products and services they demand as a trusted payments partner. 

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