ATM smash and grab prevention tips

posted by Mike Burke on Thursday, December 17, 2020 in SHAZAM Blog

What do ATMs and construction equipment have in common? Unfortunately, a little too much lately. Local, state and federal law enforcement has made SHAZAM aware of ATM thefts occurring across the U.S. The culprits are using construction equipment to rip out ATMs from drive-through or remote ATM locations.

Prevention tips

At your branch/island ATMs

  • Place bollards around the ATM.
  • Ensure your security cameras cover not just the ATM, but the surrounding area as well.
  • ID and monitor any ATMs in construction zones, as criminals may use construction equipment to facilitate the theft.
  • Work with your ATM vendor to identify theft protection options, such as GPS or tilt detection.

At your remote or convenience-store ATMs

  • Have a procedure or process in place with the remote location if maintenance is required on the ATM. In these thefts, ATM access may have been granted to individuals without proper authorization at remote locations. Have a password or method to identify a legitimate maintenance technician.

Situations like these pose a risk to our clients and all financial institutions. Please feel free to share this information.

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