Financial Institutions

Connect with your small business clients through SHAZAM Merchant Services.

Your small business clients are just as important to SHAZAM as they are to you. Our competitive pricing model, traditional and referral program configurations and nonprofit structure allow local businesses to offer services comparable to large merchants. Merchants have the flexibility to accept payments from all major credit and debit cards in-store, online or with a mobile device.

You're In Control With Our Traditional Merchant Program

SHAZAM provides a full range of cost-effective payment processing services while you manage the merchant relationship. Our flexible pricing structure allows you to maximize profitability and generate new revenue streams. This program gives your business clients time to engage with their customers while you provide the payment solutions to help them grow.

Are you looking for more choice and flexibility?

Contact our merchant services sales team and learn about our pricing options. You can set up your traditional merchant program as a cost plus (allows you to predict your income every month), straight discount (you’re paid a flat rate based on a fixed-percentage of net sales), or tiered discount (you can set up three flat rates for income).

Let SHAZAM Do The Work With The Referral Merchant Program

We realize managing a merchant program takes additional time and effort from your staff. That’s why SHAZAM offers you the option to refer local merchants to us. We provide the sales representation, pricing and monthly statements. And a cash bonus is paid out for each signed referral. SHAZAM designates the sponsoring financial institution, and you can provide payment processing services to your merchants with no liability.

Did you know the referral program is a great way to grow your business accounts?

Refer merchants who aren’t your current clients as an opportunity to acquire new depositors and commercial accounts. Our SHAZAM merchant sales representative can educate you and your staff to address any pain points or concerns about successfully recruiting merchants.

Merchant Services Makes Your Life Easier With Equipment And Payment Options

Our Merchant Services connect a full range of retail businesses, including traditional retailers, retailers moving to a web store, mail- and phone-order merchants, e-commerce merchants and web-based companies. We can help set up an online store and ensure merchants support a broad range of payments, including recurring and card-on-file secure web payments; even reloadable gift cards.


SHAZAM offers a full selection of affordably priced POS systems and processing software by major brands, such as Clover terminals. Your merchants have options for enabling personal computers, tablets and smartphones to accept payments. We also support a broad array of connection options, including mobile, wireless, dial-up and IP / Ethernet. Leveraging our long history of connecting the financial dots will help you make the best recommendations for your merchants.

Payment options

Our strong relationships with major card brands and networks allow merchants to accept PIN debit, Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, American Express®, electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards and more. A broad array of traditional terminals, emerging digital payments and engagement channels, such as text vs. talk, lets your merchants provide convenient payment methods to their customers.

Are you wondering what to do when you have a question?

A knowledgeable SHAZAM client support representative at our Des Moines, Iowa office will answer your call and speak directly with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over 95% of our service calls are resolved the same day! We have fast settlement with funds deposited directly into the merchant’s accounts so they can pay bills, reconcile accounting, track inventory and spend more time with customers. SHAZAM specialists even analyze suspicious activity, determine unusual transaction patterns and identify fraudulent activity to reduce fraud risk. But our corporate focus on fraud reduction doesn’t stop there; head over to learn more about all of our risk mitigation services.

Expand your business with cash advance

By displaying your Mastercard®, Visa® and Discover® signage, your cardholders will know they can count on you for their cash advance needs. Offering cash advance services generate additional revenue for your financial institution through increased interchange paid to you; the more cash advance disbursements you process, the more revenue you earn.

Benefits for you

  • Generate revenue from interchange
  • Keep track of your cash advance income and activity by reviewing your reports or statements
  • Process a cash advance request regardless of cardholder’s account status with your financial institution
  • Offer your clients a complete package of financial products and services

Want to provide learn more ways to process transactions?

As a partner with SHAZAM, we deliver a suite of premier debit card services as well as process a wide range of transactions – fast and affordably. Learn more about our payment capabilities as well as our mobile offerings!