ATM cash supplies can dwindle during tax refund season

posted by Manish Nathwani on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 in SHAZAM Blog

As cardholders withdraw funds using pre-loaded debit cards, ATMs may run out of cash more frequently. This may mean you need to replenish ATM cash supplies more often to avoid inconveniencing your cardholders. It may also be necessary to stock higher-denomination currency in your ATMs or limit the number of bills that are dispensed.

Monitor your ATMs

To ensure quality service, implement a monitoring system that can help ensure your ATM cash supplies are sufficient. The service can detect when there’s a depletion of bills in the ATM cassettes or when cassettes are jammed, empty or installed incorrectly. These alerts help keep your ATMs in service.

Change the mix of bills

It’s a good idea to keep track of how often your ATMs run low on cash and consider using higher denomination currency in the ATM cassettes — use $20s and $50s instead of $10s and $20s. Be sure to discuss any currency changes with your ATM monitoring service before making this change.

Limit the number of bills dispensed

For certain ATMs, you may be able to define the maximum number of bills dispensed per withdrawal or the maximum number of bills dispensed per cassette. Changing these values is another way to reduce the maximum amount dispensed per withdrawal transaction.

With tax season around the corner, pay some extra attention to your ATMs and the service they provide to your cardholders.


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