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posted by David Collison on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 in SHAZAM Blog

With all the opportunities to use technology to communicate, we often fail to use those tools to connect.

One of my favorite songs, Communicate (Interlude) by TLC, tells us just that:

There's over a thousand ways
To communicate in our world today
And it's a shame
That we don't connect

As a technology team leader, I can look at most situations that have challenged me or my teams and it usually comes down to communication. Someone failing to keep someone else informed, someone not sharing all the information needed to make a decision or even someone hiding information because they thought it would make them or their team look bad. We have to get better!

How much time does it really take out of your day to get the information you need to be a success? Getting up out of your chair and walking across the building, or up or down a floor, to validate something takes much less time or effort than having to pick up the pieces when the situation goes wrong.

With technology, it’s even easier. You can still lounge in your chair and use instant messaging, Slack-like tools or video to talk to a peer who works in another building or lives across the country. In fact, it often takes much less effort to clarify and resolve an issue in real time than it does if you let it fester and take action on only half the information.

There really is over a thousand ways to communicate in our world today. Reach out, open the doors and be a problem solver!


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