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One-day Workshops

Risk, Response, Reputation

Arm yourself with the latest trends, best practices and long-term strategies to mitigate risk, build a robust response and protect your reputation. Risk, Response, Reputation is an opportunity for institution leadership to gain greater perspective on threats and how to respond. Hear best practices for securing data, reducing risk inside your institution, and how to prepare for a worst-case scenario so your reputation survives. Identify the critical information security officers need to stay current with the latest trends along with the terminology and insight for marketing professionals to guide communications in a crisis. Includes our cybersecurity, robbery and media relations experts.

Active Shooter Crisis Communication

The headlines come far too often, another botched robbery or domestic situations spills into a bank and ends with shots fired or worse, someone killed. No one thinks it’s going to happen in their institution, but it can. SHAZAM built this half day seminar so key members of your team can learn how to mitigate the risk of an active shooter incident and prepare your institution for the aftermath of a critical incident.

Utilizing his 30 years of law enforcement experience, SHAZAM’s Mike Burke will explain deterrence trends, surveillance best practices and law enforcement partnerships. He’ll help identify common problems that often lead to a violent situation. Mike goes beyond the incident, exploring the emotional challenges you and your employees may face in the aftermath of a critical incident.

To help you build a better response plan after the incident is over, veteran news anchor Patrick Dix will share strategies to communicate. Patrick uses his newsroom experience to talk about the likely response of local and national media to any critical incident. He’ll help identify ways you can be ready for a critical incident with a step by step procedure for formulating your response to your organization, the community, social media and the media.

Media Training

How will your institution respond when the cameras are on you? The 24-hour news cycle means local news organizations are hungrier than ever for fresh content and credible experts. This full-day workshop addresses the fears and misconceptions about having a relationship with the media and shows why developing relationships with local media and saying “yes” when they call for your help will pay off — for your reputation, your business and your bottom line. Includes media fundamentals, social media and practical exercises